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Lift Max Thailand
Lift Max Thailand
Lift Max Thailand


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Capacity : 1.4,1.6 Ton
Power Unit : Battery
Operation : Pedestrian/Stand on


Type of trucks Pallet Stackers
Capacity L14AS-SP - 1.4 Ton
L16AS-SP - 1.6 Ton
Power Unit Battery
Operation Pedestrian/Stand on
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  • L14AS-SP, L16AS-SP



L14AS-SP, L16AS-SP Safety

The Linde L 14-L 16 AS straddle stacker's appealing yet highly functional design ensures the highest level of protection for the operator. All wheels pivot within the chassis profile and the low chassis bumper surround protects the operators feet. The smooth, rounded profiles of the chassis and tiller head further enhance the protection and safety of the operator.


L14AS-SP, L16AS-SP Performance

These stackers show their true strength in efficiency on the job. Powerful 3 kW AC motor, Linde OptiLift® control for authentic proportional lifting and lowering, load capacity up to 1,600 kg and efficient brakes add up to productivity in service at any duty level.


L14AS-SP, L16AS-SP Comfort

Everything the Linde L 14/L 16 AS is required to do it does easily and efficiently. All controls can be operated with either hand without having to release the tiller. The Linde tiller arm and control system ensures effortless travelling and manoeuvring.


L14AS-SP, L16AS-SP Reliability

Constructed for consistent reliability in demanding applications. Its compact, robot-welded chassis ensures maximum structural integrity and durability. The rugged construction and components provide a low centre of gravity for excellent stability.


L14AS-SP, L16AS-SP Service

Speed and economy continue over into truck diagnosis and preventive maintenance. CAN bus connectivity enables all truck data to be read out on a laptop computer by the service technician. Swift access to all components and maintenance-free AC technology play an additional part in maximising uptime ratios.