Lift Max Thailand
Lift Max Thailand
Lift Max Thailand
Lift Max Thailand

L14AP, L16AP

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Capacity : 1.4,1.6 Ton
Power Unit : Battery
Operation : Pedestrian/Stand on


Type of trucks Pallet Stackers
Capacity L14AP - 1.4 Ton
L16AP - 1.6 Ton
Power Unit Battery
Operation Pedestrian/Stand on
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L14AP, L16AP

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L14AP, L16AP Safety

The Linde electric pallet stacker is equipped with three independent braking systems. A booster circuit prevents the truck rolling back when starting on a gradient. Automatic speed reduction when cornering ensures stability in operation. The suspended stand-on platform has integral side- guards, which can be folded down to protect the operator.


L14AP, L16AP Performance

Rated capacities from 1,400 to 1,600 kg powered by a 3 kW lift motor is associated to an AC traction motor giving top speed of 10 km/h loaded as unloaded, ensuring a superior performance and optimum productivity.The chassis design and mast construction results in market leading residual load capacitiy. The 800 mm width of the chassis allows the stacker to work easily in narrow aisle.


L14AP, L16AP Comfort

Electric power steering and the ergonomic tiller arm facilitate easy of use. All controls can be operated with either hand without having to release the tiller. Road shocks from uneven ground are cushioned by the soft rubber mat on the platform. Positioned well back from the mast, the operator has excellent visibility of the load right up to max. lift height.


L14AP, L16AP Reliability

These rugged trucks incorporate tried and tested technology and components to ensure consistent reliability. They have already proved their ability to deliver faster, safer load handling over an extended working life in the toughest industrial environments.


L14AP, L16AP Service

Linde pallet stackers are designed to minimise maintenance costs and deliver high productivity levels over many years. Fast, easy access to components, and electronics sealed in aluminium housings, isolating them from road shocks, dust and humidity, all play a part in guaranteeing maximum operational uptime.