Lift Max Thailand
Lift Max Thailand
Lift Max Thailand
Lift Max Thailand

L10AC, L12AC, L16AC

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Capacity : 1.0,1.2,1.6 Ton
Power Unit : Battery
Operation : Pedestrian


Type of trucks Pallet Stackers
Capacity L10 - 1.0 Ton
L12 - 1.2 Ton
Power Unit Battery
Operation Pedestrian
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L10AC, L12AC, L16AC

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  • L10AC, L12AC, L16AC



L10AC, L12AC, L16AC Safety

The Linde tiller arm provides optimum protection for the operator’s hands. Automatic speed reduction when cornering, automatic braking on releasing the traction control. Electro-hydraulic braking is actuated by the emergency stop button, proportional to the load carried.


L10AC, L12AC, L16AC Performance

The electric counterbalanced pallet stackers provide all the versatility of a front-seat stacker, easy to operate and economical to buy. It is the ideal solution for short-distance operation and medium lifting heights. Drive, lifting and electrical steering motors are designed for high sustained output performance. The Linde OptiLift® control offers a genuine proportional lifting/lowering with load capacities up to 1,600kg.


L10AC, L12AC, L16AC Comfort

The handles and controls are skin-friendly material, making them pleasant to operate. The operating elements are user friendly, with drive and lifting functions capable to be operated with left or right hand from the tiller without reaching across. Inclining movements of the mast is actuated with fine sensitivity of a lever positioned for optimum access.


L10AC, L12AC, L16AC Reliability

The pedestrian counterbalanced stacker can be used wherever load arms stackers can not operate. With a compact turning radius and a good manoeuvrability, the truck can operate with ease in confined warehouse areas. The frame is made of high-strength steel components with extremely good torsional rigidity and provides easy access for servicing work.


L10AC, L12AC, L16AC Service

The digital multifunction instrument display ensures the operator is always well informed. CAN bus connectivity enables all truck data to be transmitted to a laptop by the service technician. Easy accessibility of all components and maintenance-free AC technology also play an important role in maximising truck uptime.