Lift Max Thailand
Lift Max Thailand
Lift Max Thailand
Lift Max Thailand


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Capacity : 1.2 Ton
Power Unit : Battery
Type : Order Picker Vertical


Type of trucks Order Pickers
Capacity 1.2 Ton
Power Unit Battery
Operation Order Picker Vertical
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  • V12



V12 Safety

The V 12 order picker is designed to ensure the operator's safety. Its excellent visibility through and to either side of the mast offers the highest level of security. The low cab step height enhances safety and means the truck is as easy to use at max. Height as at floor level. The V 12 is only operable when the floor mounted foot switch is activated.


V12 Performance

Efficiency and high-performance are words that accurately describe the capabilities of the V 12 medium-level order picker. It is capable of picking at heights up to 10,480 mm. Its powerful, maintenance-free traction and lift motors combine optimal performance with low energy consumption and are extremely durable.


V12 Comfort

Designed not just to ensure high-performance, the V 12 is also very comfortable. Regardless of the weight of the load, the cab always sets it down gently thanks to the hydraulic cushioning of the cylinder during the stroke process. Suspension-mounted, the cab platform with its generous storage compartments cushions shocks and vibrations that may occur during travel lifting and lowering motions.


V12 Reliability

Thanks to the easy maintenance and programming, uptime is optimised and picking rates increased. Other technical features such as the central servicing and diagnosis interface, and a wide access cover that opens up even in an aisle, make the V 12 an extremely reliable truck.


V12 Productivity

The advanced, highly functional ergonomic standards of the V 12 provide an environment that enables the operator to achieve consistently high picking rates. The integrated mast, console design and LED wheel position indicator make the V 12 a very manoeuvrable truck, the ideal order picker in very narrow aisles.